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Resurge supplement – Does it really work to lose weight fast in 2020? The complete review 2020

Resurge Supplement, The Deep Sleep Weight Loss Connection

Sleep is extremely important in helping people Lose weight. Truth being told, it is not just sleep it is DEEP sleep that helps with weight loss.

Deep sleep is necessary for physical recovery which leads to weight loss. Getting the proper deep sleep is very important to your health. It is actually just as important as eating a proper diet and getting the right amount of exercise.

Lack of sleep can really stifle weight loss. More than a third of American people are lacking the proper deep sleep almost daily.

We are only just beginning to really understand the sleep and weight loss connection and why it is so critical.

There is certainly a reason why people burn much more calories while they are asleep compared to just lying in bed and it has to do with specific stages of sleep. The most important sleep for burning calories is REM Sleep.

REM Sleep is actually (Rapid Eye Movement)sleep. While in REM Sleep you brain is very active. Studies have shown that the brain is even more active during REM compared to being awake. The REM activity requires fuel for thought which is called glucose.

Lets looks at the graph of the sleep cycles to better understand this.

So, the brain starts at Wake. This leads then to stage 1. Then to stage 2. Then from stage 2 the brain enters stage 3, then to stage 4. From there the brain goes back to stage 2 again. From there it repeats the stage 2 cycle THEN into REM sleep stage. You can see from the graph that individuals get the most REM sleep in the early morning hours.

You must go through those first few sleep cycles in order to get enough REM sleep.

As you can see, to get enough REM sleep your body needs enough hours of sleep each night to reach the REM stage.

So what happens to individuals that are only getting 5 or maybe 6 hours of sleep each night?

One research study from Sao Paulo showed this might add up to 14 extra pounds in a year!

Individuals that are not getting the required amount of sleep each night are stopping the last and most important REM period. It is THAT period where your brain uses the most calories.

This is where Resurge Supplement can change all of that.

This supplement is a special all natural ingredient weight loss product that works when the user is sleeping to burn the excess fat off the body.

It actually provides multi deep sleep benefits.

The unique supplement formula can help all adults but it is especially beneficial for adults 40 years of age or older.

After adults turn 40 years of age, most individuals stop producing enough growth hormone and this supplement can help with growth hormone production as well.

The lack of growth hormone is one of the reasons individuals have the extra fat weight on their bodies. What is most astounding is that growth hormone is actually released most during deep sleep.

One of the biggest benefits of using this weightloss/deep sleep supplement is that users do not have to follow a strict diet or exercise program in order for it to work. This is truly a game changer!

What is Shallow Sleep Syndrome and How Can This Supplement Help?

Shallow Sleep Syndrome is also known as "Light Sleep"

It simply means a non REM stage sleep. As we stated earlier, the REM sleep stage is where fat burning occurs. When someone is sleeping too lightly, they are not reaching this important REM sleep stage. In shallow sleep, anything can wake you up. Anything from noises to movement will disrupt the individuals sleep and the person sleeping easily wakes up.

Even dreams are different when in light sleep compared to deep sleep. Shallow sleep dreams do not form stories at all. Light sleep dreams are images from emotions and memories.

Does light sleep have ANY Benefits?

Yes! Light sleep is essential to our health. In this light sleep phase the cells repair themselves. Also this is when our memory is backed-up as well.

But, light sleep will not help burn fat.

This Supplement targets the Deep sleep that is responsible for burning the excess fat weight.

Deep Sleep Fights Excess Cortisol

By using this incredible supplement, individuals will get the proper deep sleep necessary to fight excess cortisol in the body.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone. Cortisol is responsible for regulating many different processes within the body. This includes the metabolism. The body needs cortisol but excess cortisol is not good, especially for weight loss.

The Benefit of Leptin for Weight Loss

Our natural appetite control hormone is called Leptin. This hormone is triggered during deep sleep by using Rthis Supplement.

When individuals do not get the proper deep sleep they will most likely notice their appetites are out of control.

Help control your appetite by using this Supplement.

Who is the Creator of Resurge?

​John Barban

John Barban is the developer of this Supplement. He also is the author of the Best Selling "Venus Factor System".

A graduate of Florida University where he studied biology, physiology, and nutrition. He has dedicated his career to help individuals with weight loss.

John is considered a fitness expert as well.John studied the link between lack of deep sleep and excess weight gain.

Resurge Supplement is the end result of all of his research by providing a very safe supplement that addresses deep sleep in order to burn the extra fat weight once and for all. The ingredients are all proven safe and are all natural as well.

Product Benefits:

  • Restorative and healing deep sleep.
  • Dramatic weight loss possible.
  • No special diet needed.
  • No special exercise program needed.
  • Helps activate metabolism.
  • Improved Sex Drive.
  • Better energy levels.

Resurge Supplement Ingredients:

  • 1200 mg Argіnіnе
  • 1200 mg Lуѕіnе
  • 200 mg Thеаnіnе
  • 150 mg Ashwagandha
  • 100 mg Hуdrоxуtrурtорhаn
  • 50 mg magnesium
  • 15 mg zinc
  • 10 mg mеlаtоnіn

Arginine and Lysine - These ingredients are both proven amino acids. They work especially well when combined together. They are both shown to increase growth hormone safely especially when the individual is in deep sleep

Theanine - This is actually considered a phytonutrient. The Japanese have used this for many centuries. It is known to help relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

Ashwagandha - Excellent at reducing stress and anxiety issues. It is also shown to decrease excess cortisol.

Hydroxytryptophan - an amino acid. May help enhance melatonin to improve sleep quality.

Magnesium - This is a nutrient that can help improve deep sleep quality. Works great with zinc

Zinc - Another great nutrient to help improve sleep quality.

Melatonin - Ingredient that can really help users fall a sleep faster and stay in deep sleep longer. Resurge only uses the most pure melatonin.

How About Resurge Side Effects?

This supplement is one of the safest weight loss supplements you can buy. All ingredients are proven safe and free of negative side effects.

It is important to only take as recommended by following the directions.

We also recommend letting your doctor know when starting any new supplement.

MUST SEE: Resurge Side Effects - What You REALLY Must Know Today

Dosage and Instructions:

Users are directed to take 4 capsules each night 30 minutes prior to bedtime.

  • Do Not use if you are pregnant
  • Not recommended for anyone under the age of 18 years of age.

Resurge Supplement Money Back Guarantee

​This product has a complete no questions asked full 60 day Money back guarantee.

If a customer would need to return the product, please email Resurge company at

How To Buy Resurge:

Consumers must be aware to ONLY purchase this supplement from the Official Site! You may see the product sold else where online but please understand that product could be a knock-off.

The ONLY way to make sure you are backed by the full money back guarantee is to ONLY purchase directly from the Official Site Here.


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